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maryrenaultfic2's Journal

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Established 3 January 2015.

Welcome to MRF2, a community dedicated to sharing our appreciation of Mary Renault’s work through fan fiction, fan art, discussion, and the sharing of contextual resources.

Community Moderators

Greer Watson (greerwatson)

Community Guidelines

Not everyone here writes fic; there are many ways to participate and contribute. Book discussion, questions, opinions, and general squeeage are welcome and encouraged. Our members want this to be a pleasant place for both readers and writers interested in Mary Renault’s books, so ... no wank, no flames, okay? All pairings and characters are created equal, and are open for discussion.

This is not a spoiler-free community. Members are not required to warn for spoilers in fic/art contributions or in discussion threads.

Please note that MRF2 is Renault based. That means that it does not host film-based or actor-based (RPF) fiction. If your interest lies primarily in film canon, then we encourage you to help keep those comms active.